3D Stereoscopic Solutions

With stereoscopic 3D being the latest flavor in the digital cinema world, many people are still very unsure about the processes involved in creating a stereoscopic movie. Producers and Directors are lead to believe that stereoscopic movies are for the technically inclined only andlargely still a mystery on how to produce a stereoscopic movie.

The principles are simple… We have two eyes to see 3D, so by combining two cameras that mimic how our eyes work, we will in fact have a stereoscopic image. Having said that there are basic rules to follow and once you know these rules creating a stereoscopic movie is a much simpler process.

Visual Impact together with Russell Bowden of HD Factory have brought in to Visual Impact two complete fully computer controlled 3D rigs that can be set as either side by side or mirror mode for close up shooting. Not only that, with a combined experience of more then 25 years in stereoscopic 3D, we have the personal who have worked on numerous stereoscopic projects around the country, that understand the process of correctly aligning cameras and 3D rigs, capturing and shooting for 3D, and final alignment in post production.

Our 3D Plugin developed by Shaun De Ponte allows for quality control on stereoscopic shoots, and has been used on high end productions like Mercedes 3D and Earth Touch 3D helicopter wildlife shoot (A first in the world, where convergence was controlled from inside the chopper using preset convergence points).

Pro Ultra Rigs

The unique design of this all in one rig means that it is capable of being configured for filming in either Mirror Mode or Side by Side Mode. The rig can be switched between modes in a matter of minutes with no specialized tools required and it offers adjustment capabilities for fast camera alignment and lens changes.

The Pro Ultra Rig can carry most cameras without the need for adapter plates and cameras are mounted using either an Arri dovetail system or universal slotted plate using1/4″ or 3/8″ standard camera screws.

Mirror Mode uses a 50:50 beam splitter enclosed in a carbon fiber matte box. The vertically mounted camera can be adjusted on three axis for quick alignment of just about any camera and lens configuration. Side by Side mode allows for greater inter-axial distances to be achieved.

Pro Light Rig

The Pro Light 3D Rig now adds another exiting dynamic to shooting 3D. Weighing only 7Kg in Mirror Mode the Rig is ideally suited to carry smaller
cameras for shooting on Steadycam or even hand held.

The Pro Light is a fully computerised motion control rig that allows quick camera alignment with motor control of height, tilt and roll of the Right camer. Also capable of IA adjustment of both cameras, for maintaining balance and optomising maximum IA in mirror mode, and, convergence of Left camera.

Android based proprietary software application allows full control of the Pro Light Rig from any Android smartphone or tablet.

One major benefit of using the Pro Ultra Light Rig means that support is always at hand, due to it being entirely manufactured in South Africa. No delays in customer support or parts.

Features of the Pro Ultra Light Rig

Light weight, only 7KG

Fully computerised running a custom built interface developed for Android

Adjustable beam splitter allows for different camera sizes

Quick alignmen