Increasingly broadcast professionals are preferring using fiber over copper cable as a signal carrier. Visual Impact has been providing fiber solutions for the last three years especially on large scale Reality TV projects like I am a Celeb, Fear Factor and Dare to Dance. Visual’s move to fiber was largely due to improvements in fiber technology and international broadcaster’s requirements.

We have noticed that even film schools like SAE are asking us to provide fiber based multi camera systems and training. This creates students immediately employable and in demand.

The benefits of fiber:

  1. Fiber cable is impervious to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Copper no matter how well shielded is sensitive to interference resulting in signal drop out and a very unhappy client.
  2. Fiber cable has less attenuation and can therefore run up to 38 kilometers. The best copper BNC cable drops off after 100 meters. On the Reality TV show I am a Celeb, the bush camp was over one kilometer away from the control room and fiber the only viable solution.
  3. Fiber has greater bandwidth and can carry more information with great fidelity than copper.
  4. If maintained fiber can outlive copper and is more durable.
  5. Fiber weights less than copper making for lower freight cost and easier handling.
  6. Fiber is more expensive than copper in the short run, but over the long run is more affordable due to low maintenance, less downtime and less networking infrastructure.