We consulted for a long form wildlife client last week and some really interesting issues came up. The client primarily shoots on Sony F55 cameras. Stefan Nell, our head of Digital Imaging was able to identify and assist and provide solutions, which we would like to share.

Pre-consultation settings:

  1. Menu settings:
    1. Cinema EI
    2. SLog 3
    3. SGamut 3
  2. Lenses were a mix of Nikon stills lenses and 2/3″ lenses with adaptors
  3. Shooting 4K

The problem: Images appear to be soft when shooting in 4K


  1. Avoid using 2/3″ lenses with lens adaptors. These lenses and adaptors cannot resolve 4K.
  2. Be careful of thinking menu settings can resolve the soft images as one sometimes just increase the contrast and think the image has become sharper.
  3. Change menu settings to from SLog 3 to SLog 2
    1. SLog 3 would be noisy in the under exposed areas as it is more suited to high light latitude
    2. SLog 2 provides cleaner darker areas, so need to crush the blacks in post
  4. Test all stills lenses on a 4K resolution chart
  5. Preferably shoot on 4K lenses like the Fujinon Cabrios and Canon 50 to 1000mm 4k lens. The Canon is definitely the eye watering wildlife lens at the moment.

Another great read on SLog 2 and SLog 3 is Allister Chapman’s blog at