Visual Impact now represents Digital Sputnik (DS) in Southern Africa. Digital Sputnik’s modular RBG LED lamps are one of the most innovating developments in lighting technology in the last 10 years. With this modular system one can combine individual lighting units to create a larger lamp or break it down to create smaller units. A key feature of these flicker free lamps is complete RGB colour control via a WiFi app. The lamps have a very wide range of colour temperatures from 1500 Kelvin to 10 000 Kelvin.

These features create flexibility, modularity and mobility enabling smaller teams, reduced power consumption and faster setup without compromising on the light quality or output. Digital Sputnik provided the main lighting fixture for Star Wars Rogue One. Other recent films using DS were Ghost in the Shell, The Neon Demon and Jason Bourne.

The content creation industry is going through a fundamental change. Visual Impact is proud to be part of this change starting with the adoption of digital imaging and it’s fusion of Camera, Post-production and Lighting disciplines. Please contact or for more information and look at: