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   Visual Impact | Digi Labs | South Africa


The VI Digital Imaging and Digi Labs team is headed by Stefan Nell who has over 15 years experience as a DIT and is also a Phantom Operator who has worked internationally on features and commercials as well as being one of the leading stereographers in South Africa. Mugamad Ismail who runs the CAR facilities in Cape Town and Zelda Wilson the producer across the board for Cape Town and Johannesburg. The collective IP within this team brings an unrivaled set of unique skills to our facility and will soon be even more so with the appointment of a new senior Technician.

Digi Labs offers the full spectrum of Digital Laboratory services on par with any international facility. These services include transcoding both online and offline files from any format. Encoding and decoding, tape playouts and ingestion into any format. We also offer DCP digital cinema deliveries as one of our new services.

Digi Labs also offers full data services including archiving to LTO, storage, FTP, post production suite leasing options, data management and redundancy.

Our systems can also be placed on site thereby offering our full Lab services on site no matter where the location. 


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Digilabs - Cape Town MediaHive

No 1 Glynville Terrace
Gardens, Cape Town,8001
Tel: 087 5500 737
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Digilabs Johannesburg

32 Bompas Road
Dunkeld, Johannesburg, 2024
Tel: 087 5500 737
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