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The services at Digilabs support all existing Digital camera formats as well as some new formats soon to be hitting the market such as Sony’s F65 SRLog format. The formats we deal with daily include Phantom, Alexa, Red epic, Red MX and Sony PMW – F3. We also deal in the more uncommen formats such asSI2K and Sony MXF and MT2S camera formats. There isnt a camera format we cant deal with!

At Digilabs we have a wide spectrum of systems we use to suite any delivery format. We use Assimilate Scratch for all our transcoding services in house or on location. We also offer editorial machine rentals including AVID and FCP as well as SAN’s and Arrays that enables us to set up a full workflow for our clients thats tailor made to suite there requirements as well as their budget.


Stefan Nell takes us through a documentary grade

Stefan Nell on Assimilate Scratch