The Media Hive provides a 120 square meter (1292 square feet) studio, completely soundproof (According to BBC standard). The Visual Impact Studio has a dressing room, kitchen and full bathroom. The studio comes equipped with Sound Attenuated air conditioning to further improve the soundproof rating.

POWER and Electrical Specifications

The studio has 3 phase and single-phase power. We do not have backup generator and recommend clients provision one if need be. We can recommend companies for mobile backup generators.




There is one dedicated parking bay right next to the studio included in the studio rentals rate. If you need one or two more bays in the basement, next to the studio we can quote you on those, subject to availability.

If the crew and your team arrive early enough there should be on-street parking in the surrounding area. We are next to Dunkley square parking area and if early enough there is additional on-street parking available on the square. If more parking is required we can arrange paid parking at a local school within walking distance.

For generators....



The studio comes standard in green screen. With enough notice we can however change it to any colour of your choice. To avoid the blame game, we require that the client provides us with the paint code they need. We use in house staff to paint so it is more affordable than most other options.


Studio Features

  • BBC standard soundproofing up to NQ Level 5 BBC Specs.
  • Visual Impact equipment rentals on site.
  • Special rates for equipment and studio.
  • Infinity curve with three phase power and break out boxes.
  • Sound attenuated air conditioning and Wireless Internet.
  • Drive-in door for vehicle access and large objects like set flats.
  • Double storey room for studio control equipment.
  • High gantry for high angle top shots.
  • Movable lighting grid, saturated with power points.
  • Dressing room, Kitchenette, Bathroom with shower and smoking area.
  • Loading bay and additional parking in close proximity.
  • Optional high-speed file upload services available.
  • In-house catering available on request.


Supportive Services Offered at the Media Hive

  • Visual Impact Rental is right upstairs if you need to rent any cameras, lights, sound etc. or if you need assistance from our expert crew.
  • Visual Impact Sales for all your broadcast and consumable needs on site.
  • Visual Impact In-house Catering conveniently provides you with all your catering needs on-site and very economically priced.
  • Digital Solutions super high speed FTP uploads, work flows and HD post production available for all your needs.


Bandwidth and streaming packages for the Media Hive Studio

  • Option 1: As a standard, 10Mbps of Internet Speed, and uncapped data made available on a Wi-Fi router supporting 4 Physical LAN cables and basic SSID and password. No inbound routing, bandwidth prioritization. Cost is included in Studio rental
  • Option 2: All facilities of option 1 with Speed of up to 400Mbps. Times dates and spec of any requirement to be quoted on request. External IP and inbound routing as well as bandwidth and device prioritization available, project plan is required. Cost is an additional R350 ex VAT.
  • Optional extras: Cabling, Mesh Wi-Fi in studio, facilitation of setup of client-side network is available and is quoted based on your requirements. The Media Hive Studio is able to cater to custom Internet connectivity requirements. In example making separate bandwidth available to perform uploads at speeds of up to 400Mbps, that may be used without affecting studio connectivity. Diverse and varying setups of all types related to Internet connectivity for Studio purposes is available. Please contact our IT support at 010 5001442 or email


POWER and Electrical Specifications

The studio has 3 phase and single-phase power. We do not have backup generator and recommend clients provision one if need be. We can recommend companies for mobile backup generators.

  • Single & three phase supply.
  • 63 amp & 32 amp C-Form supply.
  • Normal plugs (16amp) in each DB box for small LED panel lights and Kino’s.
  • 16 amp C-Form to 15 amp adaptor cables to run smaller lamps from the lighting grid.
  • Populated lighting grid with 16 amp & 32 amp supply.
  • Breakout boxes available on request.
  • Power available: 3 phase power, 64amp, 32amp, 16amp and 1 Samp.
  • Large distribution box included in studio rental. In-house catering available on request.

There is no substitute FOR experience

The studio is a drive-in studio allowing clients to drive a vehicle into the studio when doing car commercials or still shoots. The Visual Impact studio is a green screen studio. Visual Impact crew are available to light your green screen if need be. Visual Impact Rentals is in the same building if you need to get equipment, forgot equipment or need assistance during your shoot.

The Visual Impact studio is centrally located in Cape Town city bowl, walking distance from parliament & Gardens Shopping Centre.

We offer special packages on studio and equipment rentals.

You can contact Ronelda at Visual Impact for special packages that will suit your production needs.


Call: 021 468 6000

The Visual Impact Studio

Visual Impact Studio

Marius van Straaten takes us through the Visual Impact studio specification. The studio can be used for video and photographic productions and also for events.